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Hello, my name is Simon Ross-Gill - or rgsimey for short. I'm a self taught graphic designer from the Isle of Arran, Scotland, specialising in page layout for digital and print medium and design of interpretive maps. I built this website using a free template from Start Bootstrap.

I am committed to producing the highest calibre of graphic design using open source / subscription free software wherever possible. Transparent communication with my clients is a priority and working together to find a sustainable solution for you and your business or organisation. Please contact me to discuss working together or to request a quote.

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Please send me an email on simon.rossgill AT gmail.com

Woodside Arran

Isle of Arran, Scotland

Through a seasonal role as Admin Assistant for Woodside Arran over Summer 2018, I developed a range of graphics for this innovative permaculture farm on the south end of Arran, bringing together my love for graphic design with my passion for regenerative agriculture.
My work included producing printed flyers, labels for egg boxes, adverts for the local paper, plans for our market garden, labels for our mobile shop and graphics and photos for our social media campaigns.

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Horizon Guides

Sheffield, England

From 2015 to 2018 I helped to cofound Horizon Guides, a start up that is transforming the world of marketing for travel companies. In my role as Head of Creative, I was primarily responsible for designing the layout of 30 downloadable PDF guides which received high praise across the industry and were downloaded by over 20,000 people.
In addition to the guides, I developed a wide range of collatoral, including creative for our social media campaigns, presentation decks, front end web design, business cards, a temporary logo and branding, ebooks (EPUB and Mobi format), custom HTML forms as well as detailed travel maps for all of our guides.

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Isle of Arran, Scotland

Over summer 2018 I worked with the internationally renowned marine conservation organisation C.O.A.S.T. (Community of Arran Seabed Trust) to design their permanent display at the Octopus Centre, a brand new visitor centre promoting the protection and regeneration of the seabeds around Arran. This included a 1.5 metre tall interpretive map of the island which was printed on a magnetic whiteboard with movable magnetic pieces.
I also designed prototypes to assist in the development of the front end design and UI of their upcoming website. I have also produced campaign flyers and in 2019 we are working on interpretation panels that will be displayed along the shoreline in the villages around the island.

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Infinite Safari Adventures

Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Travel company Infinite Safari Adventures required a new website build in 2017, and as well as working on front end design, UI and UX, I helped expert web programmer (and my brother) Chris Ross-Gill to trial and build a ground breaking new Content Management System using the open source task management system Trello. As well as offering websites built on Wordpress, Chris and I work together to find sustainable and open source solutions to web content management.
In addition to the work on the website, I also designed the layout for a PDF ebook The Best African Safari.

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Aracari Travel

Lima, Peru

Between 2010 and 2015 I was Head of Marketing and Product Development for Peru's leading boutique travel agency Aracari Travel. Through my multifaceted role I developed a wide range of graphics and creative materials that complimented the work of our team of travel planners in offering the best trips to Peru and across South America, including itinerary design and formatting, web content management and graphics for social media campaigns. I also assisted with an extensive rebranding project in 2013 in which we worked alongside Kitchen 8 in Singapore to give the agency a new visual identity, and I subsequently directed the relaunch of our website and redesign of our collateral based on the new branding guidelines.
To round off my years living in Peru, I designed (compiled and edited) a downloadable ebook about Culinary Travel in Peru that featured in the New York Times in 2015. Though I am back in Scotland, I continue to be connected to Aracari, and in 2019 I am completing a suite of 24 detailed travel maps covering destinations across Peru, a country I know and love very much.

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Travel Without Plastic

Canary Islands, Spain

Travel Without Plastic is helping accommodations around the world to reduce and eliminate single use plastic, and in 2018 I designed a detailed ebook that details the changes hotels can make along with a logo, a suite of google documents and an infographic. The project (and a photo of my logo adapted for use at a beach clean in the Canary Islands) featured in The Guardian in 2018.

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